Amur Tiger by Acclaimed Designer

Acclaimed Designer Creates The Amur Tiger Vodka Bottle

The creator of the awarded work Amur Tiger by Acclaimed Designer explicates, This is an unique glass bottle for a premium vodka. Our client asked us for a totally different approach to de vodka packaging panorama. He wanted something special, differe <Cropped>

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Ciry Branding by Sanaz Tabatabaei

Sanaz Tabatabaei Exhibits The Esfahan City Branding Ciry Branding

Sanaz Tabatabaei, the architect of the award winning work Sanaz Tabatabaei's Esfahan City Branding Ciry Branding demonstrates, The city of Esfahan is the first tourist destination in Iran. Esfahan city branding was a national project which shoul <Cropped>

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Camouflage-Incense Burner Suit by Xuefei Chen

Xuefei Chen Portrays The Camouflage Incense Burner Suit

Xuefei Chen, the designer of the award winning design Camouflage by Xuefei Chen spells out, The figures of movements of creatures developed the incense burner. The ability that shifting from 2D to 3D requires an amount of problem-solving. The design <Cropped>

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Kazuaki Kawahara's Cocofamilia Logo and Vi

Kazuaki Kawahara Portrays The Cocofamilia Logo and Vi

Kazuaki Kawahara, the designer of the highlighted work Cocofamilia by Kazuaki Kawahara spells out, Cocofamilia is an upscale rental apartment building for seniors. Within the logo are embedded the building's slogan ('Together, from the hear <Cropped>

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Rossi Atlantida by Pedro Gabriel-Bonini Arquitetura

Pedro Gabriel-Bonini Arquitetura Creates The Rossi Atlantida Vacation Condominium

Pedro Gabriel - Bonini Arquitetura, the architect of the awarded project Vacation Condominium by Pedro Gabriel - Bonini Arquitetura explicates, Pedro Gabriel | Bonini Arquitetura has designed the Rossi Atlantida, a Luxury residential vacation condomi <Cropped>

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Residential Design by Kot, Ge

Kot, Ge Portrays The Luneng Mgm Royal Villa Residential Design

Kot, Ge, the thinktank behind the awarded project Luneng MGM Royal Villa by Kot, Ge says, “Image” is an inseparable part of the ancient Chinese poetry. As a Chinese, we tend to endow a certain “Subject” with a “Special Meaning”, and tur <Cropped>

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Coffee Shop by Jean-Pierre Trou

Jean-Pierre Trou Presents The Caffe Medici Coffee Shop

Jean-Pierre Trou , the creative mind behind the highlighted design Caffe Medici by Jean-Pierre Trou spells out, The design borrows from the archetypes of the traditional bungalow home and recreates it so the architecture feels familiar and intriguing <Cropped>

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For Weighting Fish by Yrki Architects

Yrki Architects Illustrates The Port Weighting Station in Thorlakshofn. For Weighting Fish

Yrki architects, the maker of the award winning work Port Weighting Station in Thorlakshofn. - For weighting fish by Yrki architects explicates, Yrki consider it important to integrate the functionally and the visual.In that respect the enviroment in <Cropped>

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Award Winning Strata Chair

Ben Preston Portrays The Strata Chair

Ben Preston, the architect of the displayed design Chair:Strata by Ben Preston explains, The designer sought to create a piece of furniture that acted as both a functional seat as well as a sculptural conversation piece. Strata was created using digi <Cropped>

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Measure by Hidebumi Yamaguchi

Hidebumi Yamaguchi Demonstrates The Milli Second Measure

Hidebumi Yamaguchi, the lead designer of the displayed project measure by Hidebumi Yamaguchi spells out, The casing of the millisecond metal tape measure and fiber measure is manufactured by milling aluminum ingots with the utmost precision. The two- <Cropped>

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