Semi-Precious Stones Timepieces by François Hurtaud

François Hurtaud Creates The Elemental Classic Series I Semi-Precious Stones Timepieces

François Hurtaud, the lead designer of the highlighted design Award Winning Elemental Classic Series I Semi-precious Stones Timepieces points out, MYKU creates revered timepieces from semi-precious stones using top-of-the-line techniques. Using a v <Cropped>

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Neo2 by Regnath, Gerullis & Shao

Regnath, Gerullis & Shao Reveals The Neo2 Mobile Oxygen Concentrator

Regnath, Gerullis & Shao, the project leader of the award winning design mobile oxygen concentrator by Regnath, Gerullis & Shao illustrates, neo2 is a small and light weight oxygen concentrator for people suffering from chronic lung disease. <Cropped>

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Tim Olbrich's Between The Shores Information Brochure

Tim Olbrich Shares The Between The Shores Information Brochure

Tim Olbrich, the creator of the highlighted design Information Brochure:Between The Shores by Tim Olbrich points out, Between The Shores aims to show the dimensions of the refugee crisis by giving numbers and statistics while telling the personal sto <Cropped>

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Olympos by Kenan Derya Sargin

Kenan Derya Sargin Illustrates The Olympos Elevating Dishwasher

Kenan Derya Sargin, the architect of the awarded work Kenan Derya Sargin's Olympos Elevating Dishwasher illustrates, Olympus is inspired by the difficulties peoples face in every day life. Using a dishwasher, a simple daily activity, becomes a p <Cropped>

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Apartment Interior Design by Cheng Hsuan Huang

Cheng Hsuan Huang Reveals The Connection Apartment Interior Design

Cheng Hsuan Huang, the creative mind behind the displayed project Cheng Hsuan Huang's Connection Apartment Interior Design points out, This case has the advantage of natural light. Designer replaces cold stone material with warm timber to make t <Cropped>

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Sbid Interior Design Student Competition: Get Me 2 The Top 2019

Sbid’s Get Me 2 The Top Student Competition Was Developed to Find Talented First-and Second-year Design Students, Offering The Opportunity to Win 3-month Internships At Leading London-based Design Studios

Sbid’s get me 2 the top student competition was developed to find talented first- and second-year design students, offering the opportunity to win 3-month internships at leading london-based design studios..

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Debby Chen's Little Touch of Art Deco Interior Design

Debby Chen Discloses The Little Touch of Art Deco Interior Design

Debby Chen, the designer of the highlighted work Interior Design by Debby Chen illustrates, With a slight touch of luxurious Art Deco patterns for a home, the coordination of colors and materials significantly highlights the main elements of this des <Cropped>

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Poc:-Biodegradable Food Packaging by Felix Pöttinger

Felix Pöttinger Presents The Poc: Biodegradable Food Packaging

Felix Pöttinger, the creative mind behind the award winning work POC: by Felix Pöttinger says, POC: is a new seegras-based food packaging material which was designed to extend the durability of food, reduce foodwaste and reduce plastic packaging <Cropped>

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Thematic Installation by Naai-Jung Shih

Naai-Jung Shih Designs The Umbrella Earth Thematic Installation

Naai-Jung Shih, the creator of the highlighted project Thematic Installation by Naai-Jung Shih spells out, It is possible to recycle Earth starting from recycling umbrellas. This installation uses recycled ribs and stretchers from broken umbrellas to <Cropped>

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Misosoupdesign's Lightscape Pavilion

Misosoupdesign Shares The Lightscape Pavilion

MisoSoupDesign, the creative mind behind the awarded project MisoSoupDesign's Lightscape Pavilion explicates, Inspired by traditional Chinese lanterns, Lightscape combines CNC fabrication with local materials in the form of a lightweight, lumi <Cropped>

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